The Lady

Dresses and pearls
Stockings and lace
Silk fabric and curls
The Lady fits her place.

Beneath all the rich finery
Hidden deep within her eyes
Is a woman wanting something
That she left far behind.

Though her life is different
Then she ever thought it would be
Inside lives the young girl
Who was once brave, wild and free.

You see her as a Lady
One of beauty and grace
She’s elegant, sweet and kind
A smile always on her face.

Someone knew her long ago
When her eyes were alight
A fire burned in her
Even the Sun thought was bright.

Her light was a beacon
That drew many to her flame
And I was the willing moth
That was ready to play the game.

Her love was strong and wild
Perfect was her place
Always her open arms surrounded me
Between us there was no space

Love like that is scary
When two souls collide
When peace and solace is found
On that magical ride.

I was hesitant to love
To give all of me
For you see, she gave so sweetly
It was candy to me.

No need for me to share
My deepest thoughts and fears
I took for granted all the things she gave
And I left her in tears.

I was a foolish man
Who could have set the world asunder
But I let go of one of life’s
unattainable wonders.

A beauty full of light and love
Who connected my soul to hers
A gift from God above
One whom I never deserved.



2 thoughts on “The Lady

    • The Peach Poet says:

      Thank you so much sweetheart. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Your words leave me teary-eyed lol 😍😅😘


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